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You know when your TBR is crazy? When your Goodreads list is separate from your Kindle list, which is separate from your paper list. My lists have gotten ridiculous and I've decided to keep this list to help keep me on track. I'm hoping to get to at least one a week going forward or at least write a review for the ones I've read already. ** Fingers crossed **

Read: 21/660

  1. Kisses For Christmas: A Holiday Box Set by Skye Warren
  2. Tough Love by Skye Warren
  3. Beauty Touched the Beast (Beauty #1) by Skye Warren
  4. The Pawn by Skye Warren
  5. Survival of the Richest (Trust Fund Duet #1) by Skye Warren
  6. The Prince: A Prologue (Masterpiece Duet) by Skye Warren
  7. Heavy Equipment by Skye Warren
  8. Prisoner (Criminals & Captives) by Skye Warren & Annika Martin
  9. Dollars (Dollar #2) by Pepper Winters
  10. Unseen Messages by Pepper Winters
  11. Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1) by Pepper Winters
  12. #Nerd (Hashtag Series #1) by Cambria Hebert
  13. We Said Forever by Marie James
  14. Sins of the Father (Ravens Ruin MC #2) by Marie James
  15. Crowd Pleaser by Marie James
  16. Severed Wings (Severed Wings #1) by Kelly Carrero
  17. Truth or Beard (Winston Brothers #1) by Penny Reid
  18. The Russian by Renee Rose
  19. His Human Slave (Zandian Masters #1) by Renee Rose
  20. Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose
  21. Cut & Blow by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
  22. Cut & Blow #2 by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
  23. Awake (Awake Series #1) by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
  24. Undone (Wild Men #2) by Jo Raven
  25. The Storm Inside by Alexis Anne
  26. Summer Heat (The Wild Pitch Series #1) by Alexis Anne
  27. The Pool Boy by Penny Wylder
  28. Get Me Off by Penny Wylder
  29. Delicate Ink (Montgomery Ink #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  30. Tempting Boundaries (Montgomery Ink #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  31. Tattered Loyalties (Talon Pack #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  32. Destiny Disgraced (Talon Pack #6) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  33. Whiskey Secrets (Whiskey and Lies #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan
  34. Stolen and Forgiven (Branded Packs #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan & Alexandra Ivy
  35. Fall From Grace (Mad World #1) by Christine Zolendz
  36. A Love So Dangerous (To The Bone #1) by Lili Valente
  37. Dark Domination (Bought by the Billionaire #1) by Lili Valente
  38. Dirty Twisted Love (Kidnapped by the Billionaire #0.5) by Lili Valente
  39. Leather and Lace (Lonesome Point Texas #1) by Lili Valente & Jessie Evans
  40. Get Lucky (Lucky in Love #1) by Lila Monroe
  41. Never Kiss a Stranger (Never Series #1) by Winter Renshaw
  42. P.S. I Hate You (PS Series #1) by Winter Renshaw
  43. P.S. I Dare You (PS Series #3) by Winter Renshaw
  44. Blood & Rust (New York Crime Kings #1) by Skyla Madi
  45. Succubus Summer (Seasons of Succubus #1) by Indigo Fulmen
  46. Succubus Autumn (Seasons of Succubus #2) by Indigo Fulmen
  47. Stepbrother for Christmas by Amy Brent
  48. Filthy SEAL by Amy Brent
  49. Looking for Lainey by Kristen Middleton
  50. The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon
  51. Becoming Daddy (Whiskey Hollow #2) by R.R. Banks
  52. Boss Me Hard by R.R. Banks
  53. Ruthless King (The Mount Trilogy #1) by Meghan March
  54. Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March
  55. Bad Judgment by Meghan March
  56. Hold by Claire Kent
  57. Bad by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole
  58. Besieged (She Who Dares #1) by LP Lovell
  59. Hate Me (Collateral #1) by LP Lovell
  60. Beast (Twisted Ever After #1) by A. Zavarelli
  61. Tap Left by A. Zavarelli
  62. Conor (Boston Underworld #6) by A. Zavarelli
  63. Lost Wolf (Curse of the Moon #1) by Stacy Claflin
  64. Theo by C.M. Seabrook
  65. A Dangerous Bargain (The Sentinels #1) by J.S. Scott
  66. Release! (The Walker Brothers #1) by J.S. Scott
  67. Player! (The Walker Brothers #2) by J.S. Scott
  68. The Beast Loves Curves (Big Girls and Bad Boys #2) by J.S. Scott
  69. The Billionaire's Obsession: Simon by J.S. Scott
  70. Dearest Stalker part 1 by J.S. Scott
  71. Riding With the Cop by J.S. Scott
  72. Mine for Tonight (The Billionaire's Obsession #1) by J.S. Scott
  73. That Night (One Night Stand #1) by J.S. Cooper
  74. That Night with my Boss by J.S. Cooper
  75. One Night Stand by J.S. Cooper
  76. Scarred by J.S. Cooper
  77. Falling for my Boss (One Night Stand #3) by J.S. Cooper
  78. Crazy Beautiful Love (The Martelli Brothers #1) by J.S. Cooper
  79. Finding My Prince Charming (Prince Charming #1) by J.S. Cooper
  80. The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love #1) by J.S. Cooper
  81. The Ex Games (book #1) by J.S. Cooper & Helen Cooper
  82. The Ex Games (Games, Clubs & Trials) by J.S. Cooper & Helen Cooper
  83. The Dark Ones by Rachel Van Dyken
  84. Enforce (Eagle Elite #1.5) by Rachel Van Dyken
  85. Enrage (Eagle Elite #8) by Rachel Van Dyken
  86. Writing Mr. Right by T.K. Leigh
  87. Inferno: Part 1 (The Vault) by T.K. Leigh
  88. Chasing The Dragon (Deception Duet #1) by T.K. Leigh
  89. GRIT: A Spartan Riders Novel by J.C. Valentine
  90. Professed by Nicola Rendell
  91. Shooting Star (The Star Trilogy #1) by Arianne Richmonde
  92. Falling Star (The Star Trilogy #2) by Arianne Richmonde
  93. Shards of Glass (The Glass Trilogy #1) by Arianne Richmonde
  94. Darkness Awakened (Darkness Series #1) by Katie Reus
  95. Noose (Road Kill MC #1) by Marata Eros
  96. Sweet Dreams (Sugar Rush #1) by Nina Lane
  97. Arouse (Spiral of Bliss #1) by Nina Lane
  98. If You Were Mine (After We Fall #3) by Melanie Harlow
  99. Rhapsodic (The Bargainer #1) by Laura Thalassa
  100. Becoming Us (London Lovers Series #1) by Amy Daws
  101. A Perfect Moment (Lost in London #2.5) by Amy Daws
  102. Challenge (Harris Brothers #1) by Amy Daws
  103. If I Break (Books 1-3) by Portia Moore
  104. Betrayal (Infidelity #1) by Aleatha Romig
  105. Consequences (Consequences Series #1) by Aleatha Romig
  106. The Consequences Series Box Set by Aleatha Romig
  107. A Secret One by Aleatha Romig
  108. SEALs of Honor (Books 1-3) by Dale Mayer
  109. Psychic Visions (Books 1-3) by Dale Mayer
  110. His Ex's Little Sister (Insta-love on the Run #1) by Bella Love-Wins
  111. Unbreak Me (Vegas Knights #0.5) by Bella Love-Wins & Shiloh Walker
  112. Mister Black (In the Shadows #1) by P.T. Michelle
  113. Gold Shimmer (In The Shadows #4) by P.T. Michelle
  114. Harm's Hunger (Bad in Boots #1) by P.T. Michelle
  115. Beloved (The Salvation Series #1) by Corinne Michaels
  116. Retrosexual (Frisky Beavers #0) by Ainsley Booth
  117. Prime Minister (Frisky Beavers #1) by Ainsley Booth
  118. Dr. Bad Boy (Frisky Beavers #2) by Ainsley Booth
  119. Personal Delivery (Billionaire Secrets #1) by Ainsley Booth
  120. Booty Call (Forbidden Bodyguards #2) by Ainsley Booth
  121. Protected Mate (Catamount Lion Shifters #1) by J.H. Croix
  122. Rescued by the Berserker (The Berserker Brides #1) by Lee Savino
  123. Her Marine Daddy by Lee Savino
  124. Kissed by a Dark Prince (Eternal Mates Series #1) by Felicity Heaton
  125. Rex (Albaterra Mates #1) by Ashley L. Hunt
  126. Just An Illusion, Side A (The Illusion Series #1) by D. Kelly
  127. Dirty Little Tease (Forbidden Desires #0) by Kendall Ryan
  128. Misadventures with the Boss (Misadventures #11) by Kendall Ryan
  129. The Fix Up by Kendall Ryan
  130. Passion & Venom (Venom Trilogy #1) by Shanora Williams
  131. Dirty Little Secret by Shanora Williams
  132. What Doesn't Destroy Us (The Devil's Dust #1) by M.N. Forgy
  133. Free Ride (Shadow Keepers MC #1) by M.N. Forgy
  134. Love Tap by M.N. Forgy
  135. Hit Man (Deadliest Lies) by Michele Mannon
  136. Mercenary (Deadliest Lies) by Michele Mannon
  137. Rogue (Deadliest Lies) by Michele Mannon
  138. Animal (A Prisoned Spinoff Duet #1) by Marni Mann
  139. The Vixen and the Vet (A Modern Fairytale #1) by Katy Regnery
  140. Never Let You Go (A Modern Fairytale #2) by Katy Regnery
  141. The Katy Regnery Christmas Collection
  142. The Wicked Horse Box Set by Sawyer Bennett
  143. Wicked Favor (Wicked Horse Vegas #1) by Sawyer Bennett
  144. Wicked Fall (Wicked Horse #1) by Sawyer Bennett
  145. Off Sides (The Off Series #1) by Sawyer Bennett
  146. Off Limits (The Off Series #2) by Sawyer Bennett
  147. Dangerous Encounters Box Set anthology
  148. Just Pretend (Bradford Brothers and Friends #2) by Juliana Conners
  149. Daddy's Best Friend by London Hale
  150. The DILF by London Hale
  151. Cuff Me by London Hale
  152. Burned Promises by Willow Winters
  153. Dirty Dom (Valetti Crime Family #1) by Willow Winters
  154. Bought (Highest Bidder #1) by Lauren Landish & Willow Winters
  155. P*rn Star by Laurelin Paige
  156. Dirty Filthy Rich Boys (Prologue - Dirty Duet) by Laurelin Paige
  157. Dirty Filthy Rich Men (Dirty Duet #1) by Laurelin Paige
  158. Free Me (Found Duet #1) by Laurelin Paige
  159. Carter Reed (Carter Reed #1) by Tijan
  160. Home Tears by Tijan
  161. The Hot List by Luke Steel
  162. Naughty Boss (Steamy Coffee Reads Collection #1) by Whitney G.
  163. Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G.
  164. Late Night Kisses by Whitney G.
  165. The Alphas: Four First Loves by CD Reiss
  166. Prince Charming by CD Reiss
  167. King of Code by CD Reiss
  168. White Knight by CD Reiss
  169. Complete Submission (The Complete Series with Bonus Epilogue) by CD Reiss
  170. The Baby Maker by Tia Siren
  171. Fake it for me by Layla Valentine
  172. The Princesses - The Complete Series by Alexa Riley
  173. The Virgin Blood Bundle - The Complete Series by Alexa Riley
  174. Gray Ridge: Fairytale Shifters - The Complete Series by Alexa Riley
  175. Mr and Mrs (Alexa Riley Promises #1) by Alexa Riley
  176. Mechanic (Mechanics #1) by Alexa Riley
  177. Virgin for the Woodsman (The Woodsman #2) by Eddie Cleveland
  178. The Woodsman's Baby (The Woodsman #3) by Eddie Cleveland
  179. High Stakes by Roxy Sinclaire
  180. Dirty Indiscretions (Omerta Series #1) by Roxy Sinclaire
  181. Lethal Seduction (Romantic Secret Agents #1) by Roxy Sinclaire & Jackson Kane
  182. Savage Reckoning (A Savage Love Duet #2) by T.L. Smith
  183. Black by T.L. Smith
  184. Surrendering (Regent Vampire Lords #1) by K.L. Kreig
  185. Finding Gray (The Colloway Brothers #1) by K.L. Kreig
  186. Royally Screwed (The Royally Series #1) by Emma Chase
  187. Eternally Bound (The Alliance #1) by Brenda K. Davies
  188. Good Intentions (The Road to Hell #1) by Brenda K. Davies
  189. The Road to Hell Series Box Set by Brenda K. Davies
  190. Awakened (Vampire Awakenings #1) by Brenda K. Davies
  191. Brant's Return by Mia Sheridan
  192. Heart of a Thief (An Unforgivable Romance #1) by Ella Miles
  193. Born to be Bound (Alpha's Claim #1) by Addison Cain
  194. Dark Side of the Sun by Addison Cain
  195. Deliver by Pam Godwin
  196. Knotted (Trails of Sin #1) by Pam Godwin
  197. Heart of Eve (Trilogy of Eve) by Pam Godwin
  198. Born, Darkly (Darkly, Madly Duet #1) by Trisha Wolfe
  199. With Visions of Red (Broken Bonds #1) by Trisha Wolfe
  200. The Darkest Part by Trisha Wolfe
  201. The Mageri Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by Dannika Dark
  202. International Player by Louise Bay
  203. Wild Game (Wilding Pack Wolves #1) by Alisa Woods
  204. Claiming Mia (Dot Com Wolves #1) by Alisa Woods
  205. Tajael (Fallen Angels #1) by Alisa Woods
  206. Jaxson (Riverwise Private Security #1) by Alisa Woods
  207. Kiss of a Dragon (Fallen Immortals #1) by Alisa Woods
  208. With You (Tear Asunder) by Nashoda Rose
  209. Stygian (Scars of the Wraiths #1) by Nashoda Rose
  210. Saving Phoebe (Fallen Heroes #1) by Jennifer Ann
  211. Capture Me by Anna Zaires
  212. Quake (Quake Series #1) by Jacob Chance
  213. Quiver (Quake Series #2) by Jacob Chance
  214. Delve (Quake Series #3) by Jacob Chance
  215. Tied (A Delve Novella) by Jacob Chance
  216. Delude (Quake Series #4) by Jacob Chance
  217. Punched by Jacob Chance
  218. Heartbreaker by Logan Chance
  219. We All Fall Down by Logan Chance
  220. Date Me (The Me Series #1) by Logan Chance
  221. Ransom (Aces & Eights #1) by Jacob Chance & Logan Chance
  222. Enthrall Sessions (The Complete Trilogy) by Vanessa Fewings
  223. Material Witness (Heroes of Providence #1) by Lisa Mondello
  224. Relentless (Bertoli Crime Family #1) by Lauren Landish
  225. Alpha by Jasinda Wilder
  226. Harris: Alpha One Security by Jasinda Wilder
  227. Badd Motherf*cker (The Badd Brothers #1) by Jasinda Wilder
  228. Badd to the Bone (The Badd Brothers #3) by Jasinda Wilder
  229. Hammered (Dad Bod Contracting #1) by Jasinda Wilder
  230. Dec the Holls by Jasinda Wilder
  231. Big Girls Do It Better by Jasinda Wilder
  232. Big Girls Do It Box Set by Jasinda Wilder
  233. Storm (Storm MC #1) by Nina Levine
  234. Storm MC Collection (Books 1-4) by Nina Levine
  235. Relent (Sydney Storm MC) by Nina Levine
  236. Be The One by Nina Levine
  237. Predator (Men of Honor #1) by Michelle Heard
  238. The Ocean Between Us (Southern Heroes #1) by Michelle Heard
  239. Dare to Dream (Carolina Beach #1) by C.A. Harms
  240. Lies (Phoenix Undercover #1) by C.A. Harms
  241. Inevitable (The Key West series #2) by C.A. Harms
  242. Oh Tequila Series (Books 1-3) by C.A. Harms
  243. Broken by Love (Scarred by Love Series #2) by C.A. Harms
  244. Allure (Brooklet Dreams #1) by C.A. Harms
  245. Whisper Forever by C.A. Harms
  246. The Sawyer Brothers Box Set (books 1-4) by C.A. Harms
  247. A Stone in the Sea (Bleeding Stars #1) by A.L. Jackson
  248. Lost to You (The Regret Series #1) by A.L. Jackson
  249. Reginald Bones: Part One by Lucian Bane
  250. Desecrating Solomon (Desecration Series #1) by Lucian Bane
  251. Confessions of a Reformed Tom Cat by Daisy Prescott
  252. Hearts Under Fire by Antonio Scotto di Carlo
  253. The Dragon's Cave by Rose-Marie Lyttle
  254. Muffin Top (Sweet Cravings #1) by Tabatha Kiss
  255. Knight Takes Pawn (Red Knight #1) by Martha Sweeney
  256. Bad Billionaire (Bad Billionaires #1) by Julie Kriss
  257. Begging For Bad Boys anthology
  258. Anchor (First to Fight #1) by Nicole Blanchard
  259. Conceit (Seven Deadly SEALs #1) by Alana Albertson
  260. Loving Ashe (Celebrity Series #1) by Liz Durano
  261. A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark #2) by Kresley Cole
  262. The Brave Line by Kate Stewart
  263. Balls in Play Box Set by Kate Stewart
  264. Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #1) by Amelia Hutchins
  265. Call Me Daddy by Jade West
  266. The Risk (Mindf*ck Series #1) by S.T. Abby
  267. Going Down Easy (Billionaire Bad Boys #1) by Carly Phillips
  268. Dare to Love by Carly Phillips
  269. Fearless (Rosewood Bay #1) by Carly Phillips
  270. Faking It (Book Boyfriend #1) by Carly Phillips
  271. Big Shot by Carly Phillips
  272. Because You're Mine (MINE #1) by K. Langston
  273. Becoming Lady Thomas (Becoming Her #1) by K Webster
  274. Broken (Breaking the Rules Series #1) by K Webster
  275. Zeke's End (Zeke and Eden #1) by K Webster
  276. Rock Country (The Vegas Aces #1) by K Webster
  277. Forbidden Love anthology
  278. Haunted by Love anthology
  279. Lucky in Love anthology
  280. New Love anthology
  281. Return (Coming Home #1) by Meli Raine
  282. Blood to Dust by LJ Shen
  283. The Air He Breathes by Brittainy Cherry
  284. The Elements Series Box Set by Brittainy Cherry
  285. Tap (Men of Lovibond #1) by Georgia Cates
  286. Owned by the Hitman (Hitmen #1) by Alexis Abbott
  287. Killer For Hire (Killer Trilogy #1) by Alexis Abbott
  288. On My Knees (Bridge Series) by Meredith Wild
  289. Rebirth (The Praegressus Project #1) by Aaron Hodges
  290. Ghosted by J.M. Darhower
  291. Rocked by Maya Hughes
  292. Tales of His Words by Keishi Ando
  293. Cruel Angels Pass-by by Keishi Ando
  294. Disgusting Angel Smile by Keishi Ando
  295. Eye of the Beholder (The Donovans) by Nana Malone
  296. Come Home Again (The Donovans) by Nana Malone
  297. Mr. Dirty (London Billionaire #3) by Nana Malone
  298. Most Irresistible Guy by Lauren Blakely
  299. The Knocked Up Plan (One Love #3) by Lauren Blakely
  300. Caught Up in Her (Caught Up in Love #0.5) by Lauren Blakely
  301. Caught Up in Us (Caught Up in Love #1) by Lauren Blakely
  302. Pretending He's Mine (Caught Up In Love #2) by Lauren Blakely
  303. Playing With Her Heart (Caught Up in Love #3) by Lauren Blakely
  304. My Charming Rival (Stars in Their Eyes Duet #1) by Lauren Blakely
  305. The Start of Us (No Regrets #0.5) by Lauren Blakely
  306. Strong Suit by Lauren Blakely
  307. The Sexy One (One Love #1) by Lauren Blakely
  308. Nobody Does It Better (Lucky in Love #3) by Lauren Blakely
  309. Night After Night (Seductive Nights #1) by Lauren Blakely
  310. The Dating Proposal by Lauren Blakely
  311. Reckless Heat (Hostile Operations Team #0) by Lynn Raye Harris
  312. Hot Pursuit (Hostile Operations Team #1) by Lynn Raye Harris
  313. Tank (Blue Collar Billionaires #1) by M. Malone
  314. Sex, Lies & Sweet Tea (Sex and Lies #1) by Kris Calvert
  315. Captured Innocence (CSA Files #1) by Kennedy Layne
  316. Unlocking Fear (Keys to Love #1) by Kennedy Layne
  317. A Dark Kiss of Rapture (Renegade Angels #1) by Sylvia Day
  318. Las Vegas Sidewinders: Dominic by Kat Mizera
  319. Priest by Sierra Simone
  320. Love & Ink by JD Hawkins
  321. Bullet to the Heart (No Mercy #1) by Lea Griffith
  322. Bittersweet (True North #1) Sarina Bowen
  323. No Pants Required (Men of Laguna #1) by Kim Karr
  324. Dirty English (British Bad Boys #1) by Ilsa Madden-Mills
  325. The Last Guy by Ilsa Madden-Mills & Tia Louise
  326. Under the Lights (Bright Lights #1) by Tia Louise
  327. One to Hold (Derek & Melissa) by Tia Louise
  328. When We Touch by Tia Louise
  329. One Insatiable (Immortal Ones #2) by Tia Louise
  330. Runaway (One to Chase prequel) by Tia Louise
  331. Showmance by L.H. Cosway
  332. Six of Hearts (Hearts Series #1) by L.H. Cosway
  333. Hearts of Fire (Hearts Series #2) by L.H. Cosway
  334. A Touch of Midnight (The Midnight Breed Series) by Lara Adrian
  335. Heart of the Hunter (Dragon Chalice #1) by Lara Adrian
  336. White Lion's Lady (Warrior Trilogy #1) by Lara Adrian
  337. Sinful Intent (ALFA Investigations #1) by Chelle Bliss
  338. Men of Inked Box Set (Books 1-3) by Chelle Bliss
  339. Maneuver (Men of Inked: Southside #1) by Chelle Bliss
  340. Dr. OB (St. Luke's Docuseries #1) by Max Monroe
  341. Wildcat (Mavericks Tackle Love #1) by Max Monroe
  342. Full Tilt by Emma Scott
  343. Tempt by Remy Blake
  344. Sol (Love in Translation #1) by Leslie McAdam
  345. The Dom Who Loved Me (Masters and Mercenaries #1) by Lexi Blake
  346. Unrequited (Fallen Aces MC #1) by Max Henry
  347. Winters Heat (Titan Book #1) by Cristin Harber
  348. TRAGIC (Rook and Ronin #1) by JA Huss
  349. MANIC (Rook and Ronin #2) by JA Huss
  350. Anarchy Found: Alpha Lincoln (Anarchy Series #1) by JA Huss
  351. The Sexpert (Tall, Dark and Handsome #1) by JA Huss & Johnathan McClain
  352. Swerve (Boosted Hearts #1) by Sherilee Gray
  353. A Drop of Paradise (Bookworms & Alphas #1) by Alex L. Michaels
  354. The Devil You Know (Ceasefire #1) by Claire Marta
  355. Ambivalent by Stefanie G. Torres
  356. Needing More Box Set by Julie A. Richman
  357. The Remingtons (Books 1-3) by Melissa Foster
  358. Wild Boys After Dark: Logan (Wild Billionaires After Dark #1) by Melissa Foster
  359. Seaside Summers Box Set by Melissa Foster
  360. Adrenaline Secrets (The Deadly DNA #1) by Carolyn Reilly
  361. Down on Me (Man of the Month #1) by J. Kenner
  362. Pretty Little Player (Blackwell-Lyon #2) by J. Kenner
  363. Shadows of You (A Stark Security prequel) by J. Kenner
  364. Going Down Hard (Doing Bad Things #1) by Jordan Marie
  365. Devil (Savage MC Tennessee Chapter #1) by Jordan Marie
  366. Captured (Devil's Blaze MC #1) by Jordan Marie
  367. Watch Me (Dark Obsession #1) by Cynthia Eden
  368. Bound by Blood by Cynthia Eden
  369. The Devil in Disguise (Bad Things #1) by Cynthia Eden
  370. Broken Angel (Bad Things #4) by Cynthia Eden
  371. A Bit of Bite by Cynthia Eden
  372. First Taste of Darkness by Cynthia Eden
  373. The Wolf Within (Purgatory #1) by Cynthia Eden
  374. Only For Me (Dark Obsession books 1-4) by Cynthia Eden
  375. Mine to Take (Mine #1) by Cynthia Eden
  376. One Night: A Just Friends Prequel by Monica Murphy
  377. Pretty Dead Girls by Monica Murphy
  378. Red Havoc Rogue (Red Havoc Panthers #1) by T.S. Joyce
  379. Royal Player by Katie McCoy
  380. Rascal (Rascals #1) by Katie McCoy
  381. Little Miss Perfect by Julia Kent
  382. Shopping for a Billionaire (Shopping for a Billionaire #1) by Julia Kent
  383. Shopping for a Billionaire #2 (Shopping for a Billionaire #2) by Julia Kent
  384. Shopping for a CEO (Shopping for a Billionaire #7) by Julia Kent
  385. Shopping for an Heir by Julia Kent
  386. Our Options Have Changed (On Hold #1) by Julia Kent & Elisa Reed
  387. Rescuing Rayne (Delta Forces Heroes #1) by Susan Stoker
  388. Protecting Caroline (SEAL of Protection #1) by Susan Stoker
  389. Protecting Fiona (SEAL of Protection #3) by Susan Stoker
  390. Protecting Summer (SEAL of Protection #4) by Susan Stoker
  391. Lambert's Lady (Sleeper SEALs #13) by Susan Stoker
  392. Justice for Mackenzie (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #1) by Susan Stoker
  393. Shelter for Elizabeth (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes #5) by Susan Stoker
  394. Security Binds Her (The Thalia Series #1) by Jennifer Bene
  395. It's Not Over (Paths to Love #1) by Grahame Claire
  396. Never After (Fairytale Fantasy #1) by Billie Dale
  397. Say You'll Be Mine (A NOLA Heart Novel #1) by Maria Luis
  398. Binary by Sarah Cole
  399. I Am Woman (Laughable Love #1) by Sarah Cole
  400. Made of Steel by Ivy Smoak
  401. Feyness (The Red Order #1) by E.S. Carter
  402. Kade's Dark Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans #1) by Kym Grosso
  403. Luca's Magic Embrace (Immortals of New Orleans #2) by Kym Grosso
  404. Tristan's Lyceum Wolves (Immortals of New Orleans #3) by Kym Grosso
  405. Carnal Risk (Club Altura #1) by Kym Grosso
  406. Neighbors (Twin Estates #1) by Stylo Fantome
  407. Lovin' On You (A Rebel Desire Novel #1) by Fabiola Francisco
  408. Zero Hour (Lost Kings MC prequel) by Autumn Jones Lake
  409. Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC #1) by Autumn Jones Lake
  410. When Gargoyles Rise (Shades and Shadows #1) by Ashley C. Harris
  411. Sweet Little Thing by Abbi Glines
  412. In Deep by Callie Harper
  413. Bender (The Cour Four #1) by Stacy Borel
  414. The Cour Four Series Box Set by Stacy Borel
  415. Touching Scars by Stacy Borel
  416. Keeping Her Wet by M. Robinson
  417. El Diablo by M. Robinson
  418. El Santo by M. Robinson
  419. Forbid Me by M. Robinson
  420. Taste of You by Elena M. Reyes
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