Excerpt: BOUNTY by Pavan Kaur & K.L. Humphreys

Title: Bounty
Authors: Pavan Kaur & K.L. Humphreys
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: February 1
This isn't your typical love story.
My life was great, I was happy until I heard something I shouldn't have.
Now I'm running and there's only one man that can save me.
He's also the one man I shouldn't trust.
Will the bounty be too high for him?

It was meant to be an easy job, Probably the easiest I've ever had.
But something about her threw me.
The Bounty on her head is tempting.
But then again, so is she.
The question is, can I save her?

Gasping for breath, I quickly fumble around looking for the light. Once I find it, light fills the room. A cold breeze hits my skin. I sit up in bed and look over at my window and I’m one hundred percent certain that I shut the window before I fell asleep. My body starts to shake. I could have sworn I felt someone in here. I take a few deep breaths to calm my shaking body. Getting out of bed, my feet hit the cold floor as I walk over to the window. As I close it I quickly glance out and see a car drive off. So many thoughts start running through my mind and not one of them are good.
Ruby keeps saying I’m paranoid and it’s in my head, but I’m not. I know that someone is watching me; I can feel eyes on me. I didn’t just wake up because I felt the breeze coming into the room, I woke up feeling that someone was in my room. Am I going crazy? I have a strong feeling that I am. I mean, I’ve been so scared to come home; along with the fact that Henry has been acting really weird around me, so much so Mom picked up on it this morning. Henry has been questioning me about every detail of my day from what I’ve done at school to what are my plans with Ruby.
Henry took Mom away for the day which I thought was nice; she needed some time with him without all the fighting. But I’ve felt like someone has been in the house with me. I’ve been looking over my shoulder every five seconds.
Walking back over to my bed, I turn the clock toward me. Midnight, great. I won’t be able to go back to sleep now, I’m worried that whoever it was in my room might come back. Jumping out of bed, I run over to the main light. I’m so paranoid, I want to make sure that there’s nothing in my room. That everything is where it should be. Has Henry been spying on me? Could there be a camera in my room? I start searching, starting at one side of the room. I search everywhere, I lift everything up, making sure that there’s nothing hidden underneath them.
My bag. I rush to it and tip the contents out onto my bed, I search through everything to make sure that there’s nothing there. I don’t know why, but it’s like he knows. He knows that I heard something at his sick meeting, that he knows that I heard about the girls. I haven’t been able to get that tattoo out of my head; I’ve drawn it multiple times, hell I’ve even Googled it to see if there was any meaning behind it or if it was affiliated with a gang or organization, but nothing, I couldn’t find anything.
Looking over at the lamp, I rush over and start to feel around, seeing if I come in contact with something that shouldn’t be here. Moving my hand around, my fingers hit something. My hands begin to sweat, my breathing starts to become labored. I start to panic. Please let it be a dead fly, anything but a mic. Trying to get a grip on it so I don’t drop it, I pull it out, and my eyes widen at the sight. I throw the mic back in. Henry's been listening to me. How long?
I start pacing the room, replaying all the conversations I’ve had in my room with Ruby. I’ve spoken to Dad but nothing about what I heard, but I told Ruby. What did we talk about yesterday? Did I mention the conversation? I've been paranoid that they have been standing outside my door, so I'm sure I never said anything. I need to tell Ruby about this and tell her to be careful too.
After three hours of tossing and turning, not able to go to sleep with the fear and all the thoughts running through my head, I open my bedroom door and start walking toward Henry’s office. I’m not even conscious of my actions; my mind is still in turmoil as my body moves. This is the only time that I will be able to look through his office, knowing that he won’t be home. I stop outside his office. This isn’t me. What the hell am I doing? I'm second guessing myself, which is only telling me to walk away from this. The hole I'm standing in is already big enough, I don't need to dig it further down. My body has different ideas when I open the door.

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I am a book fanatic and avid reader, being an author is my passion in life.
Writer of Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance, KL hails from London UK but now resides in Ireland with her baby girl and fiancé.
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