UNTWIST by Kathy Coopmans

October 30, 2019

Untwist by Kathy Coopmans

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Release + Giveaway ➤ COLD QUEEN BY K WEBSTER

October 29, 2019

Title: Cold Queen
Series: The Sinister Fairy Tales Collection
Author: K Webster
Genre: Dark Fantasy/Romance Suspense
Release Date: October 29, 2019

From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a dark, fantasy romance standalone novel!

In a cold, empty castle, a young queen is dying.
Weak. Fragile. Disgraced.
But Queen Whitestone is not alone in her final days.
She has her beloved sister.
Until a wicked king rides onto her land.
Arrogant. Insufferable. Demanding.
King Bloodsun has come with an offer…peace in trade for a bride.
He wants the princess.
The fiery king won’t take no for an answer.
He vows to keep the cold queen captive until she gives in to his demands.
A queen bows for no one, though.
Not even when she’s frail and fading away.
She’ll tap into her strength, protecting the only family she has left.
The king is about to learn why they call her the cruel one…


Gabriel Luca Maldonado, III and Francesca Leandra Solomon were meant to be. They were so in love that everybody prayed for what they had.
Everything was glorious. They would get married, have children and live a perfect life. She would be a doctor in the emergency room once she finished her doctorate, and he would be a badass Navy SEAL and save people for a living. 
But then Luca is deployed across the world, and per military regulations, Frankie isn’t allowed to follow.
They’ve overcome a lot in their short relationship, and they can overcome this, too. Two years was a piece of cake. She’d finish her schooling and wait for him. And when he finally returned home, they would marry.
But two months into Luca’s deployment, the unthinkable happens, and Frankie is left alone and heartbroken, knowing that she’ll have to face the rest of life without Luca at her side.
Fast forward two years, and Frankie is exactly where her fiancĂ©’s father left her, in a pit of despair that she has no hope of ever finding her way out of.
She lives life one second at a time, depressed and alone, hoping tomorrow won’t hurt like today.
She finds a job, moves, and hopes that the nightmares won’t swallow her whole.

SLAY ALL DAY by Cynthia Eden

October 28, 2019

Slay All Day by Cynthia Eden

What happens when a monster hunter falls for his prey?

COLD QUEEN by K Webster

October 27, 2019

Cold Queen by K Webster

Is your heart frozen, cruel one?

A LIE FOR A LIE by Helena Hunting

October 23, 2019

A Lie for a Lie by Helena Hunting

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Pucked series comes a romantic comedy about instant attraction, second chances, and not-so-little white lies.


October 22, 2019

House of Ash and Brimstone by Megan Starks

Hell has come to collect…
…but Gisele Walker has no plans to pay the debt.

SHIFTING GEARS by Janine Infante Bosco

October 21, 2019

Shifting Gears by Janine Infante Bosco

#prospecttrilogy #shiftinggears #satansknights #kindleunlimited #newrelease


“Stop pretending everything you hate isn’t everything you want.”

Iron Crowne, an all-new white-hot, enemies to lovers standalone from New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss, is coming November 15th and we have the gorgeous cover!



October 20, 2019

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

War brought them together. Love will tear them apart.

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IF YOU SAY SO by Lani Lynn Vale

October 19, 2019

If You Say So by Lani Lynn Vale

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October 18, 2019

The Lonely Orphan

by K Webster & Nicole Blanchard
Publication Date: November 4, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Romance

TAMING MY WHISKEY by Melissa Foster

October 17, 2019

Taming My Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Buckle up for a wild ride as Dixie Whiskey finds forever love in TAMING MY WHISKEY, a funny, sexy, and emotionally riveting standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster.

DARK 'N' DEADLY by Tee O'Fallon

October 16, 2019

Dark n Deadly by Tee O'Fallon

Secrets will tear them apart.

Release + Giveaway ➤ VENOM BY DEE GARCIA

October 15, 2019

Title: Venom
Series: The Sinister Fairy Tales Collection
Author: Dee Garcia
Genre: Dark PNR/UF
Release Date: October 15, 2019

VENOM by Dee Garcia

October 14, 2019

Venom by Dee Garcia

He lied to me. He used me.
He left me. And he broke me.

REDEMPTION by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

October 13, 2019

Redemption by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

From bestselling author, Dr. Rebecca Sharp, comes an emotional small-town romance with a twist...

New Releases: Week of October 5

October 12, 2019

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BALLISTIC by Keri Lake

October 11, 2019

Ballistic by Keri Lake

"Ballistic is a delicious twisty, dark and unputdownable book. Keri has ended this series of standalone books with a BALLISTIC bang." -Kathy Coopmans, USA Today Bestselling Author

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October 09, 2019

He saw her from across a crowded ballpark and knew she was about to change his life. 
Yes, he realizes just how cliché that really is, but the moment his eyes locked on her, he knew that she was the one.
At least, the one that royally screwed him over. The one responsible for his demotion and the subsequent disciplinary action taken against him before he’d even gotten out of the probationary period with Kilgore Police Department.

It all started with a kiss.
Saylor Rae Spada tried to mind her business. She also tried to not get involved in petty disputes.
However, from the moment she saw him sitting next to her at a professional baseball game, a game she didn’t even want to be at but was dragged to by her blind date, she couldn’t look away.
Then the kiss cam came on, featuring none other than her and the handsome stranger.
Without missing a beat, he kissed her.
Then her blind date decided to pull a knife and try to stab him.
From that point forward, she’s done nothing but cause him trouble.
Trouble that he’s starting to find increasingly adorable.

Release + Review ➤ DOWN TOO DEEP BY J. DANIELS

October 08, 2019

Two single parents and three adorable kids are about to have a summer they'll never forget in this sexy, heartwarming new novel of the New York Times bestselling series.

Following the sudden death of his wife, Nathan Bell spent nearly two years burying himself in work and  neglecting his biggest responsibility: his daughter. Overcome with guilt, he wants to connect with little Marley, but he doesn't know how to do it alone. And then Jenna Savage throws him a lifeline.

A single mom of twins, Jenna is more than capable of taking care of Nathan's adorable two-year-old and wants to help Nathan however she can. As the days go by and her attraction to Nathan grows, she can't help wondering what might happen if they became a family for real. And the closer everyone becomes, the more right it feels.


Title: Undone
Series: The Unbound Trilogy, Book 2
Author: Kathy Coopmans
Genre: Contemporary Romance


The Day She Cried by K Webster

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Release + Giveaway ➤ BENI by Bethany-Kris

October 07, 2019


by Bethany-Kris

Guzzi Legacy, #4

Publication Date: October 7, 2019

Genres: Adult, STANDALONE, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime. Erotic Romance

BACKFIRE by Keri Lake

October 05, 2019

Backfire by Keri Lake

Dark and intense, Backfire is a read that doesn't disappoint!
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New Releases: Week of September 30

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COCKY PLAYBOY by Sloane Howell & Alex Wolf

October 04, 2019

Cocky Playboy by Sloane Howell & Alex Wolf

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WICKED SINNER by Stacey Kennedy

October 01, 2019

Wicked Sinner by Stacey Kennedy

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RICOCHET by Keri Lake

Ricochet by Keri Lake

I found a new anti-hero to add to my harem!
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