November 24, 2018

Down the TBR Hole was originally created by Lost in a Story! The point of it is to help cull your reading lists down, or maybe push higher anticipated releases up on your TBR! And maybe you all can help me along the way, and tell me if you’ve loved or hated any of these!

How it works:
➽ Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
➽ Order on ascending date added.
➽ Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
➽ Read the synopses of the books
➽ Decide: keep it or should it go?

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses #1) by Sarah J. Maas
Avg rating: 4.27/Release: May 5, 2015

I've got this entire series sitting on my bookshelves. It's been sitting there for a while now. I've bought each book as it released and still haven't started it. Why? Because I haven't stopped signing up for ARCs. After all of the hype this series and author has received, I really hope this story lives up to my expectations. To say they're high would be an understatement.
Verdict: Keep

Images Eternal (The Shoalman Chronicles #1) by Toni Decker
Avg rating: 4.28/Release: September 15, 2014

New-to-me author! I actually don't remember adding this to my to-read list. However, after reading the blurb and realizing that many of my GR friends recommended it, I'm interested. I'm a little scared because it's a new adult romance, but with the paranormal flavor, I'm hoping the story won't annoy me.
Verdict: Keep

#TripleX by Christine Zolendz & Angelisa Stone
Avg rating: 4.19/Release: January 17, 2015

Every book I've read from Christine Zolendz has earned five stars from me so I have no doubt that I'll love this story too. I haven't read from her co-author, but I'm not worried. It's romcom and from what I can tell, I'm in for more laughs than I know what to do with.
Verdict: Keep
Roman Crazy (Broads Abroad #1) by Alice Clayton & Nina Bocci
Avg rating: 3.84/Release: September 13, 2016

Nina Bocci is a new-to-me author but I've loved everything I've read from Alice Clayton. Laugh-out-loud fun! I saw this book available on Book Outlet, but hesitated about buying it because I don't have a strong motivation to read it. Maybe I'll get it and know that when I'm ready I have it there.
Verdict: Keep
Step Bride (Barone Crime Family #1) by B.B. Hamel
Avg rating: 3.79/Release: February 4, 2016

I'm not sure how this one ended up on my TBR. This author's books constantly pop up in my recommendations. The books are usually only 99 cents or FREE in Kindle Unlimited. I usually get KU for a couple of months a year, so maybe I'll grab this when I subscribe again. Or maybe I won't. I just don't think it needs to stay on my list as a reminder.
Verdict: Delete

Embracing Silence (Project Alpha #1) by N.J. Walters
Avg rating: 3.64/Release: August 21, 2009

New-to-me author! Another book that ended up on my list without reason. However, I've recently found my love for sci-fi stories again, especially in the romance genre, so I look forward to reading this. It looks like a dystopian, forbidden romance which sounds right up my alley.
Verdict: Keep

Stolen Breaths (Stolen Breaths #1) by Pamela Sparkman
Avg rating: 3.71/Release: January 29, 2014

New-to-me author! Again, how did this book end up on my TBR? Ah well, after reading the blurb, it's a true love story that follows the classic romance recipe. Not exactly my cup of tea.
Verdict: Delete

Overexposed: Volume 1 by Rae Lynn Blaise
Avg rating: 3.63/Release: July 26, 2016

New-to-me author! I don't know what was happening in my life during this period of time, but I added a bunch of books I don't remember. At all! I think this one was a referral by one of my good GR friends because I just saw that she was the only one I know who left a review. She says it's smut and that's enough for me.
Verdict: Keep

The Found (Crow City #2) by Cole McCade
Avg rating: 3.98/Release: August 22, 2016

New-to-me author! This book has been recommended to me by quite a few of my GR friends. Looks like a dark romance and everyone knows how much I like those. When I finally get around to it, I'll be sure to start this series from the beginning.
Verdict: Keep

Covet (Deceptive Desires 0.5) by Amarie Avant
Avg rating: 4.15/Release: August 21, 2016

New-to-me author! This book keeps popping up on Amazon as a free read and after getting it highly recommended by a GR reviewer I trust implicitly, I added it. However, I'm not all that interested in it anymore. If it remains free once I'm interested again, I'll read it.
Verdict: Delete

You (You #1) by Caroline Kepnes
Avg rating: 3.85/Release: September 30, 2014

New-to-me author! I think everyone and their mama has read this book. Everyone but me. After seeing that it's made it to the screen, I'm even more interested in diving into this story. A stalker who kills because he's possessive over his obsession? Sounds like my kind of story!
Verdict: Keep

For Better or Worse (The Wedding Belles #2) by Lauren Layne
Avg rating: 4.13/Release: August 30, 2016

After reading the first book of this series and enjoying it, I immediately added the next book so I could continue to see how love played out for the first couple and see how the other characters would find themselves in love. Although this author is pretty hit-or-miss for me, I have faith that this will be a winner.
Verdict: Keep

The Bourbon Thief by Tiffany Reisz
Avg rating: 4.10/Release: June 28, 2016

New-to-me author! I know, I know. How is it possible that I haven't read any of her books yet? I figured since this one centers around a revenge plot and I find it hard to resist those, that this would be a good introduction to her work.
Verdict: Keep 

Author Anonymous by E.K. Blair
Avg rating: 4.18/Release: August 29, 2016

I immediately added this book when everyone reviewed it and gave it 4 and 5 stars. Seriously, with those results, how could I not want to read it?! It must be amazing, right? It must tick every one of my boxes, right? But then I really took the idea of this story in. A truly contemptible heroine whose a cheater. So basically I need to go in knowing that I'm going to thoroughly hate the witch. All from an author I'm not familiar with AND it's a true story. I'll pass.
Verdict: Delete

Disruptor by Sonya Clark
Avg rating: 3.67/Release: September 19, 2016

New-to-me author! A sci-fi romance about a street girl who's suffers scientific experimentation and becomes a superhero. Do I really need to say more? I don't remember who recommended this book, but I'm hoping in the end that I will be glad they did.
Verdict: Keep

Wonderfully Wicked (The Dreamcaster Series #1) by C.J. Burright
Avg rating: 3.82/Release: May 13, 2014

New-to-me author! This sounds like an interesting fantasy romance. It's about a girl whose nightmares come to life. I've been warned that I'm probably going to be extremely annoyed by the heroine and I hope it's not too bad.
Verdict: Keep

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
Avg rating: 4.22/Release: August 9, 2016

New-to-me author! I remember really looking forward to this book after some of my friends reviewed an advance copy. I love a great enemies-to-lovers romance and this one seems too cute to pass up.
Verdict: Keep

Retrieval (The Retrieval Duet #1) by Aly Martinez
Avg rating: 4.30/Release: September 13, 2016

 I don't think there's been an Aly Martinez book I didn't love. Her stories are emotional, evocative stories that I can re-read over and over again. This one got tons of 5-star ratings by my GR friends and I can't wait to join the masses in fan-girling over this story.
Verdict: Keep

Just Friends (Friends #1) by Monica Murphy
Avg rating: 3.29/Release: September 13, 2016

I've really enjoyed some of the books I've read from this author. She's pretty hit-or-miss with me because while I do enjoy YA romance, I don't always love the way they're portrayed. I can't always relate because I was a bit different from what these stories characterize as normal. Way too much angst. I hope this one doesn't have too much drama and nonsense for me.
Verdict: Keep

Unsuitable (Unsuitable #1) by Samantha Towle
Avg rating: 3.88/Release: October 1, 2016

It's been a hot minute since I've read anything from this author. She's another one who delivers stories that don't always turn out to be winners for me. It's gotten some mixed reviews from my friends but I'm willing to test it out for myself. Fingers crossed that I love it!
Verdict: Keep

So many new-to-me authors on this list! Have you read from them before? Am I on the right track by keeping/deleting them? Have any of these books made it to your list and were they winners for you?

That's it for this edition of keeping it real with my TBR. I hope your TBR remains long and fruitful!! Happy reading!! xoxo

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